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Venus (>ᴗ•) ⛓

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Venus (>ᴗ•) ⛓

16 ratings

⛦ Venus
- PC only
- Physbones
- FBT tested
- DPS setup
- GoGo Loco
- VRLabs Marker
- 4 Skintone shades
- Hair color swaps
- Jiggles where needed
- Multiple hair options
- Toggles for everything!
482k polys, 61mb ingame (feel free to lower texture resolutions)
PC -> Import Sdk > Poi shaders > Dps > Package

dps is optional and shaders are included in the download.
Unity version: 2019.4.31f1
You are not allowed to reuse any of the assets.
You are not allowed to share this avatar with anyone. It is for personal use only.
You are not allowed to resell this avatar, even if edited.
You are not allowed to make this public, in any shape or form.
Body nikkie#0088
Corset Floatharr#2794
Heels, choker, fishnet bodysuit, waist belt, gloves Nauuki#5353
Fluffy boots, backpack, goggles, headphones, belt cow#4888
Butterflies, hoodie hoeyume#5516
Anime sweater, tail, ripped tights bunisu#4924
Ears bakuuwu.#1703
Head bunny zioketski#2729
!Dm me if i missed anything!
―――――――――――――――――❥❥❥Stuff made by me:
In shop⛦All hairs
In shop⛦Head
In shop⛦face textures
In shop⛦piercings
In shop⛦bra
In shop⛦panties
In shop⛦mesh sleeves, top, choker
In shop⛦skirt
In shop⛦socks
body and face sculpts (not for reuse)
Butterfly idle animation
A lot of these assets have been heavily edited and/or rigged by me, they are not for commercial reuse.
If you run into any issue feel free to ask in my discord or message me personally, they will be fixed asap.

I do uploads for my avatars, so just dm me <3
My discord: Saikura#0006
My server:

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