▸ Luna's Duo Ponytails

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♡ Luna's Duo Ponytails - custom made by me, from scratch.

Short hair - 14k tris, 33 bones
Long hair - 17k tris, 43 bones
╰▸ Fully rigged and weightpainted
♡ UV mapped to Hair Texture Pack Free by Cicieaaa#7777
╰▸ Get more hair colors here!!

Don't claim ownership
Don't resell/distribute on its own
Don't share, instead send a link to my shop
You can use on public and for sale models
╰▸ Credit with my gumroad link and/or discord: Saikura

Discord server ▸https://discord.gg/saikura, feel free to contact me on discord if you have any questions!

╭┈◦•◦─❥ If you want to use this or any other asset of mine on a free/nitro model, give me a heads up if possible!

╭┈◦•◦─❥•◦Extra credits──••◦◦──◦─◦◦┈┈──◦┈╮
Scene made by Orionyx#3141
Head and bodies made by zinpia (edited by me)

I want this!

Hair .fbx file ♡

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▸ Luna's Duo Ponytails

157 ratings
I want this!